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"I came to Jodi after I had been experiencing extreme pain in my hands for over a year, making it difficult at times to simply turn a door knob. Physicians had given me grim diagnoses and prescriptions and shown me the door. From Jodi I have learned to listen to the subtle (and not so subtle) messages of my body and today my hands are completely pain-free. Jodi has a spiritual healing practice that is never overbearing and always enlightening. I am forever grateful that I had the good fortune to find a true healer like Jodi. She possesses a quiet strength and wisdom that I hope I absorb every time she works on me. "

- Sarah Clarke, New York, NY

"Jodi has worked with both of my sons in OT over the past several years, helping them with their specific challenges.  She has been creative in her approach, dynamic in her practice and a real partner in helping my children feel comfortable in their bodies and with others.  She had an immediate connection with both boys and matched their needs as they evolved.  I always felt an ongoing dialogue with her about my boys' progress and challenges. Simply put, Jodi changed our lives because of her intuition, patience and knowledge.  I am so grateful we got to work with her!"
- Christina Gantcher, New York, NY
"Jodi worked with my young daughter for a total of five years.  She provided her with craniosacral, lymph drainage, and energy work, along with pediatric occupational therapy.  Jodi is a gifted practitioner in all of these areas.  Her training, knowledge, and experience all dovetail quite nicely, leading to a really special and unique therapist who goes "above and beyond" those in her field. On top of all that, she is devoted, thoughtful, and caring.  My daughter and I both loved her!"  
- Susan Raitt, New York, NY


"I am so thankful for the day I met Jodi Jennings.  Jodi is passionate about her profession and is an experienced Occupational Therapist.  I have three sons ages 4, 6, and 8 that have been receiving therapy from Jodi over six years.  She has evaluated and formulated a treatment program specific to each of their individual needs, and has addressed issues such as interactions in social settings, focusing in school, handwriting skills, body awareness, muscular weakness, and coordination.  Jodi is skilled in so many different treatment approaches that she can easily tailor each of their programs to ensure success.  Jodi broadens her treatment options by continually attending courses on the latest techniques in occupational therapy.  My children have had wonderful results with craniosacral therapy, listening program, deep pressure techniques, vestibular training, and many more treatments. Their latest report card from school has reflected the tremendous improvement each of them has made with therapy.  If you are looking for a hard working, caring and dedicated therapist then Jodi Jennings is the perfect OT."

- Paulette Massaro, PT 


“Jodi is an amazingly gifted therapist. She connects with children and parents. She brings her vast knowledge of different treatment modalities to the table to craft a truly individualized program for each child with whom she works.”


- Kim Mack Rosenberg, parent


"Having had a brief yet potent Crainio-Sacral session from a friend of mine some time ago, I jumped at the chance to have a session with Jodi.  What followed were two of the most powerful and breakthrough healing experiences I have ever had!  And I have had many, being in the healing field (acupuncture) myself!
      Through the application of incredibly subtle manipulation to the core systems of my body, Jodi gently guided me to the very foundation of my being where true healing can take place.  I became aware of parts of myself that were holding on to unresolved trauma from the past.  As you might imagine, coming into contact with these long-buried emotions was a bit intense, yet in Jodi’s capable and caring hands, I felt completely safe to allow some release to take place.
      Jodi incorporates various other forms of energy healing into her practice as well.  In the second session, she helped me to reconnect with a higher part of myself that could serve as a guide when practicing healing work alone.  I had been feeling for a while that I could use some kind of guidance with my self-healing practice but was not sure what form it should take.  Jodi sensed this and helped me to identify and evoke a beneficent being to assist me in present and ongoing healing work.
      Her sessions have been a godsend for me, both in helping me to make great strides in my personal growth and for revitalizing my healing work with others!  I wholeheartedly recommend Jodi for anyone interested in true healing on a mind/body/spirit level, finding peace in this turbulent world, or returning to a sense of wholeness!"

- Nicholas Kodjak, Acupuncturist